Friday, October 9, 2009

Remakes, Remakes, Remakes

For every remake of a tv show or movie there is one less original idea that gets produced. This fall the second incarnation of "V" is landing at ABC. After the success of "Battlestar Galatica" it is hardly surprising that another network would jump on the bandwagon. I wonder how "V" could've been improved. More likely, it is just a revamp to draw in another generation who have no knowledge of the original miniseries.

"V" isn't the only series being rebooted. A new version of Stephen King's "IT" will be premiering of Syfy, which also recently aired a new "Children of the Corn" and they are developing a remake series of "Alien Nation." On the horizon is AMC's "The Prisoner," NBC's "The Bionic Woman" and ABC's remake of the BBC show "Life on Mars."

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