Friday, October 9, 2009

John Scalzi's SciFi Writing Contest

I entered a writing contest created by sf author John Scalzi and sponsored by AMC. There were several choices for writing assignments and one of them was to write a discipline report for E.T. This is my submission...

Discipline Report on "E.T." (Formerly Rklak171):

After our scientific vessel landed on blue-green planet 48F6B, "E.T." broke standard protocols, straying from the prescribed safe distance. It came into contact with sentient indigenous lifeforms. After warning communicated to all landing party, crew aborted mission and left planetary system, only to later discover that "E.T." was not aboard.

"E.T." took it upon itself to make prolonged contact with aforementioned creatures, even going so far as to cohabitate with them. Further, it formed a symbiotic/psychic bond with a juvenile alien. Clearly, this is a major breach of the Frlak Mandate. "E.T." then "phoned home," sending a FTL transmission with the help of its alien companion "Elliot."

After prolonged absence from shipmates "E.T." became ill as did "Elliot," until bond was severed. We were able to extract "E.T." before hostile aliens could dissect it at considerable risk to ship and crew.

Clearly "E.T." lacks the wisdom of its elders. It is my strong recommendation that "E.T." be barred from further planetary missions.

- Arflak363

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  1. This is by far my favorite article. You might upset ET lovers out there, but really, from a purely neutral ET elder standpoint, the youngin made terrible errors all along the way. He was certainly lucky to have found a friendly earthling, but just think what would have happened if he had stumbled upon a crack den? Oh what a nightmare!