Friday, March 26, 2010

Luddite or Techno Geek

File conversion is beginning to piss me off. Whether it's Illustrator and Photoshop files to PNG and jpegs or Screenwriter files to Word and rtf. jpegs suck but are standard for the web. Word and rtf files don't preserve my formatting, PDFs do but not everybody can read or edit PDFs. I fully embrace digital technology but I'm a bit of a throwback, too. Which one am I? You be the judge.

I'm an unabashed Machead. I type, illustrate, and edit video on the computer. I don't have a typewriter. I take notes by hand with a pen. I don't dictate, digitally record, or take notes on a iPod, Palm or such computer. I use email, almost never snail mail unless required to for work, which is becoming rarer and rarer. Seems everybody prefers email, even for business. I text. I tweet on Twitter, I face-off on Facebook. I write a column for I blog. I prefer reading paperbacks and hardcovers to ebooks or stories on the web. I bought Clarkesworld (Realms) to read their short stories even though they publish on the web for free. I know the Dewey Decimal System but hardly ever use it. I don't go to the library anymore. I do tons of research on the web. I get my news from

I sweep with an old straw broom and use a cheap Hoover. I'd love to have a Dyson again, though. I wash dishes by hand and use a dish washer. I like to do food prep and a lot of cooking. Don't like microwave meals. I use the microwave to heat up pizza, leftovers, and make popcorn. I prefer analog watches (the ones with hands) to digital, but prefer digital clocks to analog ones. Why, I don't know. I love sailing, don't like to flying or cruise ships. Prefer opening windows in the summer to the AC, even though it means being a bit hotter. I love hiking, walking. I don't like bikes, scooters, skateboards, skates, etc. I like to grill with charcoal rather than gas. Prefer gas stoves to electric ones. Like real fireplaces. I don't use an electric toothbrush.

I have glasses and don't use contacts, though I have in the past. No LASIK. I love live pets, not robots. Don't especially like electric blankets. I love IMAX and 3D movies, though they give me headaches. I love my HDTV. I use more incandescent lightbulbs than compact fluorescents. Sue me.
I prefer wood, cotton and wool to synthetics.

Hmm. Can't think of anything else right now but that seems like a
pretty exhaustive list.

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